Car & Tractor Museum

The CAR & TRAKTOR MUSEUM is located near Uhldingen, between Überlingen and Meersburg. From Gebhardsweiler you have a beautiful view of Lake Constance and the pilgrimage church of Birnau.

The Tractor Museum, and since 2017 also the Car Museum, offers the unique opportunity to travel back in time through 100 years of urban and rural life. Cars, motorbikes and tractors... everyday companions and milestones of automotive history - 350 vehicles shine in competition. The vehicles are integrated into a collection of countless exhibits depicting the development of rural and urban life over the last 100 years. There is something to discover everywhere.

Monkey Mountain Salem

The Monkey Mountain Salem is an animal park west of Salem in the Lake Constance district and also Germany's largest open-air monkey enclosure.[1] The main attraction of the over 20-hectare woodland are almost 200 Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvana) that roam freely there.[2] There is also a free-flying colony of white storks that breed every year on the roofs of the Mendlishauser Hof, a herd of fallow deer and a large pond that is a refuge for many different bird species.

The Salem Monkey Mountain is characterised by the fact that there are no separating grids or ditches to shield visitors from the animals. Visitors move through the natural forest on permanent paths.

From mid-March to the beginning of November, the monkey mountain is open daily in all weathers and is on winter break from the beginning of November. The winter break is considered an undisturbed mating season for the monkeys.

Basilika Birnau

The pilgrimage church of Birnau is a baroque church under the matronage of Mary (Assumption, 15 August and Visitation, 2 July) on the northern shore of Lake Constance, between the towns of Nußdorf and Uhldingen-Mühlhofen in Baden-Württemberg.

The church is located in Birnau on the western route of the Upper Swabian Baroque Road directly on the B 31. It was built from 1746 to 1749 by the Vorarlberg master builder Peter Thumb for the Salem Imperial Abbey. The church received a rich baroque interior with frescoes by Gottfried Bernhard Göz as well as stucco work, altars and sculptures by Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer, the most famous of which is the Honigschlecker, a putto with a beehive.

The religious building in front of the church with the striking bell tower today houses a priory of the Cistercian Abbey of Wettingen-Mehrerau. Since 1946, it has also been the parish church of Deisendorf and Nußdorf.


Constance is located on Lake Constance, at the outflow of the Rhine from the upper part of the lake, directly on the border with Switzerland (Canton Thurgau). The neighbouring Swiss town of Kreuzlingen has grown together with Constance, so that the state border runs right through the middle between individual houses and streets, but also towards the Tägermoos along the border stream or Saubach. In good weather you can see the Alps, especially when the Föhn is blowing.

On the left (southern) side of the Rhine are the old town and the district of Paradies; the newer parts of town, on the other hand, are on the right (northern) side of the Rhine, on the Bodanrück peninsula between Untersee and Überlinger See. Constance's old town and the adjoining districts to the west are the only areas in Germany that lie south of the Seerhein, on the "Swiss side". This area is also - along with the Koller Island near Brühl - one of the two areas of Baden-Württemberg on the left bank of the Rhein.

The city area has 34 kilometres of shoreline and covers 1.31 km² of water surface. The lowest point is the lake level at 395 m above sea level (mean water level), the highest point at 570 m above sea level is at Rohnhauser Hof in Dettingen.

Therme Meersburg & Überlingen

Threme Meersburg:
Sauna and bathing world in the most beautiful setting and in direct proximity to the lake offer everything for a relaxing day of well-being. In addition to tickets on site, you also have the option of booking an online ticket in advance for the time slot of your choice. Please make use of this option especially at weekends, on days with bad weather and during holiday periods.

Therme Überlingen:
The panoramic view of Lake Constance and the Alps, the feeling of thermal water on the skin, the scent of exquisite sauna infusions and the lapping of the waves on the hotel's own bathing beach - the location of our spa on the shores of Lake Constance could not be more beautiful. Inspired by the uniqueness of the landscape, we have created a comprehensive feel-good concept for our guests. Forget your everyday life for a while and enjoy your time out with us.

Flower Island Mainau

The Mainau (flower island) is the third largest of the islands in Lake Constance with an area of about 45 hectares. The molasse limestone rock is located in the north-western part of Lake Constance called Überlinger See. It can be reached from its southern shore via a bridge and has its own jetty. The nearest larger towns are Constance, Meersburg and Überlingen. The island belongs to the Litzelstetten-Mainau district of the city of Constance and is owned by the noble Bernadotte family of Swedish origin. The count's family is still an important part of Mainau's attraction today. The island lies on the Upper Swabian Baroque Route. Boat moorings are only a few minutes' walk from Strandpension Mäder.

The Rheinfall

Over a width of 150 m, huge masses of water tumble down over the rocks! Be brave: you should not miss the ride and the ascent to the middle rock. From Schloss Laufen, a footpath leads you past the thundering masses of water to the "Fischetz" platform.

As a result of a general drop in temperature, the first glaciers advanced into the Central Plateau around 500,000 years ago and shaped today's landscape.

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